Thursday, 7 February 2013

FREE Book Promotion on Amazon Kindle Store!!

Only ONE day till Betrayal: Opheria Tales 1 is going to be FREE on Amazon Kindle. It will be free from Friday 8th February, to Sunday 10th February. Please help me spread the word and share this post!

Opheria Tales is a noir crime series set in a gritty, medieval fantasy world. Opheria used to be a world ruled by decadent, wealthy and corrupt empires, but massive rebellions rocked and shattered the world, resulting in the Post-Rebellion world of many isolated towns and crumbling cities, and factions grasping for power. The perfect setting for mismatched investigators-for-hire to make a living.

Betrayal: Opheria Tales 1

Traveling the roads, investigators-for-hire Tomis and Oath come across a town called GrandOak. The town has seen better days, and has recently been annexed by the powerful Magisterium.

Tomis and Oath are contracted by a mysterious woman to investigate the murder of her fiance, a well-respected townsman. The world of Opheria is a dangerous and immoral place, and in their quest to find the truth about the murder, the duo will have to face mortal danger, and unravel a web of lies and betrayal.

Can Tomis and Oath solve the case for their client, the enigmatic and seductive Lyrissa, before the murderer decides to end the investigation... for good?

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