Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Borderlands 2

The first Borderlands was a 2009 shooter that mixed wacky, gleeful shooting gameplay with diverse RPG customisation. Borderlands 2 is set to launch in September this year, continuing player's adventures in the cell-shaded world of the innovative shooter.

Many aspects of the sequel remain true to the original game. Borderlands 2 promises to be a colourful, humorous shooter that focuses on wild customisation and frenetic shooting gameplay. You choose between distinct characters with their own unique skill trees and ways of slaying enemies, some focusing on brute strength and enhanced firepower, and others on debilitating and restorative types of sci-fi/magic powers.

The Siren class can encase enemies in a 'phaselock' that holds them immobile hovering over the ground, while you and your allies can fire away at them. Upgrading the ability can cause enemies who perish while phaselocked, to release healing orbs that rejuvenate the health of you and your allies.

The appropriately named Gunzerker can wield dual weapons akimbo style for brief periods of brutal fun, and can taunt enemies, drawing hem away from less hardy allies and conferring buffs and health regeneration upon the resilient warrior. An upgraded ability can cause the rate of fire from weapons to increase in relation to how quickly players can tap the alternating triggers on the controller.

All classes can utilise every single weapon type in the game, and speaking of weapons, the game will continue its predecessor's feature of giving players an almost unlimited variety of guns and gun combinations to wreak havoc with. Fire-infused sniper rifles, shotguns with the ability to shoot rockets, and other kinds of craziness will be abundant in Borderlands 2.

The sequel aims to bring a more coherent storyline and quest structure to the series. Instead of merely hunting down mutants and psychos, there will be inhabitants with quests to offer, and quests will offer you more incentives than just enjoyable gameplay; being part of an interesting storyline featuring more memorable personalities. Many bugs from the first game are going to be addressed and improved, such as the problems faced when driving vehicles ov
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er the sand box terrain.

One other important aspect that will remain the same, however, is the preponderance of bizarre enemies such as berserk mutants, suicidal robots and gargantuan armoured beasts with foul-mouthed midgets strapped to their shields. The vibrancy, insanity and imagination were part of the winning cocktail of the original Borderlands, and it seems that these vital elements will make a return in the sequel.

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