Monday, 17 December 2012

Maldives Malady is a great short story for holiday reading

Maldives Malady, also 99c, is a lightly humorous holiday story featuring Dominic, a young man trying to find his own uniqueness in a bland and mediocre world. A chance to explore a seemingly unknown island is the perfect opportunity for this. Great holiday reading in short story form!

'Hey Dom, how you doin'?' a voice boomed. It was Ben. They proceeded to talk about the upcoming exams, which were deceptively close as it was week 10 at the moment. Yes, they would be alright. Yes, they would meet up afterwards. No, he hadn't studied more than Ben had. As he clapped the phone closed after the genial conversation reached its natural nadir, he had forgotten most of what had been said'

'He walked a few more steps. He could see nothing now except for the thick trees and long ferns and grasses that surrounded him. He was enveloped into the confined space between trees, surrounded by the jungle heat and staccato chirps... This continued for a seemingly oppressive amount of time, and he began to doubt his decision. To come to this place. To take a chance with his life, which was going in the right direction'

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