Saturday, 8 December 2012


With online apps like Facebook and MySpace everybody can be an aspiring artist or can share their thoughts to the world by posting blogs, portfolios or any sort of media. People can network for careers by socializing in the right circles, and joining the right groups. Companies can have profiles and can try and spread viral marketing via incentives and humorous advertising methods, to get people to pass messages on to their circle of friends.

But with every individual suddenly having an outlet to their voice, dreams, hopes and goals, is there a cacophony of noise, of text and media, floating around the web? Artists can try and start a career using these apps and bypass traditional obstacles, but with so many people using social media to do this, to put it frankly, only the diamonds in the rough, or needles in the haystack, have any chance of getting a huge amount of attention.

For 'Facebook Philosophers' not looking for a career, just for people to listen and read their thoughts, how much effort will people spare in viewing their media when so many people have philosophical rants about the minutiae of their everyday life?

Networking via Facebook and companies using social media to advertise might become requirements to stay competitive, since other forms of networking and advertising are saturated and well-known. When this happens online apps like Facebook might cease to be an innovative way for companies or individuals to network or advertise, instead becoming de rigeur. Then, like traditional mediums like television which were once new, only the squeakiest wheel or the wheat of the chaff will get paid attention to.

And, I do realize the irony in posting a blog to express this sentiment. :)

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